Restoring an Oak Floor

Choosing to completely replace your floor can be expensive.

We can restore your oak floor, rather than replacing it, at a fraction of the cost.There is also much less disruption and 99.9% of the dust is removed by our state of the art machines.

See our gallery for examples of our Restored floors...

Brand New Oak Floor

The cost of replacing a floor for a brand new oak floor could be as follows;

Per Google

The average cost of buying and installing hardwood floors is £45.00 per square metre for materials and £21.50 per square metre in labour costs. UK new build floor space averages 20 square metres, totalling £900.00 per room for materials and £430.00 per room for installation.

So a total cost of £1,330.

(This does not include the sub floor, installation or levelling)



Hardwood floor costs:

  • Solid wood: £35.00 m² – £45.99 m²
  • Engineered wood: £17.99 m² – £73.00 m²
  • Underlay (Wood Subfloor): From £1.75 m²
  • Underlay (Concrete Subfloor): From £4.25 m²